27.06 Test Server Skill Adjustments

Last Updated June 27, 2023

Shura Kidomaru Skill Adjustments

Shura Kidomaru

修罗鬼童丸 技能调整

  • Shura Kidomaru’s base SPD has been changed from 113 to 114
Azurestorm Ichimokuren Skill Adjustments

Azurestorm Ichimokuren

苍风一目连 技能调整

「风符 · 守」“Wind Amulet: Shield"
  • Effect Exclusive
  • Lv 3 effect has been adjusted to: HP required to trigger Wind Shield has been increased to 40%. Skill cool-down reduced to 2 rounds.
  • Lv 5 effect has been adjusted to: For each ally with Wind Shield present, SP Ichimokuren receive 5% damage reduction, max 30%.
「风止 · 苍龙坠」“Wind Halted: Dragonfall"
  • Effect has been adjusted to: …when dealing damage to the same enemy target, damage decreases by 20% each hit.
「风盾」“Wind Shield"
  • Effect has been adjusted to: Shield created by SP Ichimokuren that absorbs damage maxed at 600% of SP Ichimokuren’s initial ATK and cannot be dispelled. Each Wind Shield increases the shield creator’s SPD by 15.
SP Shishio Skill Adjustments

SP Shishio

寻森小鹿男 技能调整

「寻鹿迹」“Deer Trace"
  • 「森之灵」”Forest Spirit” ATK stealing condition has changed from “every time the wearer deals damage” to “every time the wearer attacks“.
  • 「森之灵」”Forest Spirit” additional effect added: At the end of the wearer’s turn, removes 2 stacks of stolen effect. Each mark can be triggered up to 3 times and stolen effects can be stacked up to 3 times.
「森之契」“Forest's Promise"
  • 「缠绕」”Entangle” has been renamed to「牵缠」.
  • 「牵缠」”Entangle” Movebar increasing effects on the entangled opponent has changed: amount decreased has increased from 40% to 60%.

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