24.10 Test Server Skill Adjustment

Last Updated October 24, 2023

Last Updated October 24, 2023


Suzuhikohime Skill Adjustments


铃彦姬 技能调整

「铃焰灼心」“Scorching Fire"
  • Lvl 3 – If Suzuhikohime has Holy Fire, at the end of a non-summon ally’s turn, recovers her HP by 6% 8% of her max HP.
  • Lvl 5 – When she gains Holy Fire Undying Flame, creates a shield that cannot be dispelled, lasts 2 turns, absorbing damage equal to 120% of her ATK.
「心火永明」“Undying Flame"
  • Additional Effect: Under this state, all allies other than herself receive 40% Crit Res and increase DEF by 40%. When non-summon allies other than herself dies, she recovers 50% HP immediately.
「五山火祭」“Fire Rite"
  • Additional Effect: When Fire Rite KOs non-summon enemy target, then immediately recover HP to her max HP, triggered at most once per round.

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