01.08 Test Server Skill Adjustment

Last Updated August 1, 2023

Last Updated August 1, 2023


Azurestorm Ichimokuren Skill Adjustments

Azurestorm Ichimokuren

苍风一目连 技能调整

「风符 · 守」“Wind Amulet: Shield"
  • Lvl 5 value changed to: For every 1% initial Crit overflow SP Ichimokuren has, Wind Shield grants 2% damage reduction (max 80% 40%, and his own Cdmg increase by 2%.
「风符 · 苍龙坠」“Wind Halted: Dragonfall"
  • Lvl 4 – Upon release, recovers HP of ally who originally had a Wind Shield by 72% 35% of the remaining HP of shield on them.
  • Lvl 5 – After release of skill, all Wind Shields reset to absorb damage equal to 217% of ATK if there are Wind Shields present thats now less than 72% of initial shield, reset the Wind Shield to 72% of initial.

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